Salus Subsidiaries

The Salus Companies

Salus Federal Properties (SFP) is an owner/operator of mission critical, secure, build to suit facilities, leased to various agencies of the US Federal Government. SFP also provides Asset Management Services for its co-investor/partners and acts as the General Partner and Carve-Out Guarantor for its Partnerships and Lenders. The Company also owns and operates select Fortune 250 company facilities that have unique mission critical criteria.

Salus Government Properties (SGP) is an Asset Management company primarily focused on federal agencies involved in the areas of Homeland Security, Intelligence and Cyber Security.

Salus Property Investments (SPI) is an owner/operator of legacy GSA leased mission critical build to suit, secure facilities. Its day to day operations are managed by Salus Federal Properties.

Salus Tactical Solutions (STS) provides operational threat and security risk assessment services as well as operational protection for mission critical government and at risk private sector facilities.

The performance of our investment programs sets us apart from the rest.

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